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Come Adottare Posture Corrette in Smart Working Proleven

How to Adopt Correct Postures in Smart Working

How many of us, while working from home, assume incorrect postures or sit on the couch, thinking it’s relaxing? This course will teach you how to create a safe and healthy working environment for your posture at home, so you can work at your best without risking annoying pain in the long run.

How to Adopt Correct Postures at the Office

Some of us suffer from back pain or carpal tunnel, blaming it on our office chair or desk. But how much of our discomfort actually depends on our own behaviors? With this course you’ll develop awareness of your office posture and learn how to reduce and prevent pain and discomfort.

Come Adottare Posture Corrette in Ufficio Proleven
Come Adottare Posture Corrette in Produzione Proleven

How to Adopt Correct Postures in Production

Proper posture for those who work in production is essential.  In this module, you’ll learn to recognize typical movements that create discomfort and pain, and discover how you can improve them to give your body relief.

How to Adopt Correct Postures in the Car

Adopting a correct posture in the car helps us to feel better from a physical point of view, but also to drive in a safer and more relaxed way. With the Proleven expert you will discover simple exercises to make your posture an important ally for safe driving and the well-being of your body.

Come Adottare Posture Corrette in Auto Proleven
Benefici dello Stretching Proleven

The Benefits of Stretching

Stretching without interrupting our work. Is it possible? Absolutely, and can be beneficial to our mental as well as physical well-being. With this course, you will discover simple exercises to do while standing or working, to keep your mind and muscles active, especially in the middle hours of your day.

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The Proleven Method

BAY (Built Around You)”, an innovative approach to training. The Proleven method in which the center of everything is you, with your stories, experiences and desire to grow. We then start from your individual background and add new knowledge and skills through gamification, helping you to develop new habits for your real growth.

Metodo Proleven

Let's start with the Individual Background

All of us have experienced, studied, read and heard. And that has brought us to today. For this reason, Proleven training starts from the background already embedded in each of us.

Metodo Proleven

Usiamo la Gamification

Experiential training based on interactive quizzes, simulations, sharing, challenges and a lot more.

Metodo Proleven

Sfruttiamo le neuroscienze e le scienze comportamentali

For training to be successful, we need to create new habits. And we do this through the science of our own minds and behaviors.

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