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The Proleven Method

BAY (Built Around You), an innovative approach to training. The Proleven method in which the center of everything is you, with your stories, experiences and desire to grow. We then start from your individual background and add new knowledge and skills through gamification, helping you to develop new habits for your real growth.

Metodo Proleven

Let's start with the individual background

All of us have experienced, studied, read and heard. And that has brought us to today. For this reason, Proleven training starts from the background already embedded in each of us.

Metodo Proleven

Let's use gamification

Experiential training based on interactive quizzes, simulations, sharing, challenges and a lot more.

Metodo Proleven

We leverage neuroscience and behavioral science

For training to be successful, we need to create new habits. And we do this through the science of our own minds and behaviors.

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